Friday, May 6, 2016


The world is changing rapidly, and at times I have felt overwhelmed by events that are now happening on a daily basis, as opposed to a few years ago when these things were much less frequent, like big disasters and social crises. I found myself stressing over the current global situation more and more, and was desperate to find a way to ensure that should something major happen, I would be prepared and could keep myself and my family safe. I started by planning an emergency supply of food, and was searching the Internet for places to order sufficient amount of supplies that would not need replacing too often. 

I came across Food4Patriots review and decided to give it a go. I was amazed by the variety of products they offered and the compact way they could be stored, and decided to place an order. When it arrived, I was even more amazed by the smooth process from ordering to delivery. I was getting myself familiarized with all the products and how to properly store and use them, and could sense how my stress levels were coming down – I finally had a concrete product which I could use to start developing my family’s safety plan for the coming years.

I also felt great about thinking that these products could be easily taken with on hiking trips, and such like that me and my sons do on a regular basis – sometimes there is a real risk involved in terms of getting lost or sustaining an injury, and as we often like to explore places where it is not so easy to get to, help would take quite some time to arrive, and most normal food items would go off in the meantime. We could not resist trying out some of these newly ordered products immediately, so we arranged a small practice trip’ the very next day! These products were not only easy to take with, but tasted great too and we loved the fact how small a space they took in our back bags.

We went and placed another order straight afterwards, because we wanted to try even more of their products and yet again, the service was great. I find myself constantly stocking up with these items as I always insist that my sons take some of them with them if they are going on a longer trip. I would highly recommend Food4Patriots, enjoy yourselves.